Our Story...

Fox & Crop

The historical tale of our clothing company is rooted deep within the heart of Britain; in Leicestershire itself. The Fox & Crop motif was inspired by the original drawings, which formed the basis of Leicester City’s famous Fox & Crop crest between 1949 and 1983.

Hidden away for several decades, the sketches were rediscovered seven years ago during a garage clear out by the family of Sydney Needham (the Club Director from the small town of Market Harborough). The logo was then reformed to create the distinctive design you see today which represents Fox & Crop Clothing.

Beautifully British...

The concept behind the design acts as a symbol of the Leicestershire countryside. Our culture is steeped in long-established conventions and continuing these through the generations further perpetuates these into our modern society.

The logo was specifically selected to represent Fox & Crop clothing as it successfully embodies the brand identity and ethos the company stands for. As Fox & Crop autumn and winter lines heavily feature outerwear ranging from our long-sleeved shirts, cable knitwear and quilted jackets, we feel this portrays the traditional British style and underpin of our rural culture.

This fashionable acknowledgement to the rich heritage of Leicester City conveys the quality of our products, the high standard of service we provide and customer satisfaction experienced.